Beyond Basic Brioche: Syncopated Stitches and Knitting Flat Brioche
Date & Time
Thursday, April 11, 2024, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Squishy, captivating brioche stitch gets even more fun once you start expanding your color play. This class will unlock the secrets of knitting brioche back-and-forth in two colors, including casting on, working a selvedge, and tips for keeping track of your rows and colors. Once you’re confident with the standard two-color brioche stitch, we’ll delve into syncopated brioche, a technique that allows you to enliven your brioche knitting with fascinating color patterning.

Yarn Track
Students should already know the basics of brioche.
Required Kit Cost:
Required Kit Contents:
No required kit.
Supplies Students Must Bring

Students should bring approximately 20 yards each of a dark and light-colored worsted-weight yarn; double-pointed needles at least 6” long in the size you usually use for worsted weight yarn (for example, #7 US); several index cards; magic markers or colored pencils in colors similar to your yarn colors.

No homework required.
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No optional kit.
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No pattern purchase required.
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