The Language of Lace
Date & Time
Saturday, April 13, 2024, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM



Welcome to knitted lace Nirvana. Whether it's Orenburg’s exquisitely detailed scalloped border (teeth) and intricate patterning schemes, Estonian lace’s classic nupps, or Shetland’s luxurious, richly textured wool, they represent three intriguing and unique approaches. Each with its own classic distinctions, to the knitted-lace genre. In this class, lace knitter extraordinaire Galina Khmeleva will compare and contrast what makes these legends of the lace-knitting milieu unique, and help you choose which approach best suits your individual lacy desires. Speak the language of lace like a veteran.

Yarn Track
Students with some knitting experience is helpful.
Required Kit Cost:
$20.00 payable to the instructor.
Required Kit Contents:
Required kit includes pattern and yarn for class project.
Supplies Students Must Bring

Students should bring their favorite needles (any style sizes 0-3), and note-taking materials including pencils.

No homework required.
Skill Level
Optional Kit Contents
No optional kit.
Optional Kit Cost
Pattern URL/Details
No pattern purchase required.
Pattern Cost