Beginning Brioche
Date & Time
Wednesday, April 10, 2024, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Knitted brioche is all the rage these days and it is a lot of fun – once you get the hang of it! Learn all the ins and outs of the brioche stitch and some tricks to help you work this stitch successfully. Choose from two different methods for casting on. Learn how to make your fabric tighter, your edges cleaner, and how to fix basic mistakes. Join the brioche party today!

Yarn Track
Students must know how to knit and purl well. Must be able to easily work back and forth between knits and purls.
Required Kit Cost:
Required Kit Contents:
No required kit.
Supplies Students Must Bring

Students should bring heavy worsted or light bulky weight yarn in 2 highly contrasting colors. At least 30 yards of each color; be sure one color is easily identifiable as your “dark” color and one as your “light” color. 16-inch circular needle one size smaller than what you would normally use with that yarn. You MUST use a circular needle – straight needles do not work with brioche. Yarn suggested is Cascade 128 Superwash (Link: Needle suggested for this yarn is a 16-inch circular in size 9 or size 8 if you are a loose knitter. Scissors, pencil, paper for notes, and locking stitch markers.

No homework required.
Skill Level
Optional Kit Contents
No optional kit.
Optional Kit Cost
Pattern URL/Details
No pattern purchase required.
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