The Art of the Still Life: Painting Silver & Crystal in Watercolor Realism (TWO DAYS)
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 25, 2023, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

This is a workshop for artists who are interested in learning to paint in the realistic style of the Old Masters. Participants will learn how to see, draw and paint objects in realistic detail. Participants will paint a simple still life of a silver and crystal with fruit from a photo provided. Participants will use a projected image to trace the still life onto their paper. Laurin will teach the British “Two-Brush” technique for making painted objects appear round and three-dimensional. He’ll also share information about the history of realistic still life painting and its current popularity in the world market. You’ll also learn to create deep black backgrounds and various techniques of painting realism, which can be applied to a variety of subject matter. The goal is to learn a lot and enjoy the journey.

Art Fest Track
Students should have at least a basic understanding of watercolor painting.
Required Kit Cost:
Required Kit Contents:
No kit included.
Supplies Students Must Bring

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  • Two, clear water containers, quart size or larger  

  • Wood or Mechanical Pencil (recommended) with 2H lead, and one with an F or 2B lead 

A white eraser, such as Staedtler Mars   

  • White Paper Towel (no color printing)   
  • Backing Board 
  • A plywood, gatorboard or other stiff board to support your quarter-sheet, painting on a slant, at least 15x20 inches, and a piece of Matte board (approximately 10x15 inches) or other board for use with the X-Acto knife  
  • Recommended:  
  • Liquid masking fluid (I recommend Daniel Smith) 
  • A pad of 11x14-inch lightweight tracing paper 
  • X-acto knife with #11 blade or equivalent 
  • Nichiban Washi White Masking Tape (available on Amazon or from 
Skill Level